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Who are plantation shutters factory?

Plantation Shutters London | Window Shutters | From The Shutters Factory

Grab our Offer Shutters Factory specialises in the Supply and Installation of Plantation Shutters London. We are aiming to provide the highest quality custom designed and installed shutters in London and the eventually the whole UK. Our products are made to suit every home and every window.

Are plantation shutters a good window treatment?

Can I Pair Plantation Shutters with Curtains? |Sunburst Shutters

However, you can see many interior design blogs, or specialised websites where plantation shutters are often suggested as ideal window treatment. For over 30 years the Shutter Shop has been supplying high quality shutters in London and beyond.

Who are London interior shutters?

Welcome to London Interior Shutters, London’s multi-award winning shutter experts. We specialise in the finest bespoke window shutters – designed, measured, crafted and installed to perfection. We are driven by our ‘Passion for Perfection’, both in the quality of our product and in our client satisfaction.

What are Cypress Plantation shutters used for?

Their applications are varied, making them ideal for bedrooms, living areas, kitchens, and bathrooms in homes, as well as offices, hotels, and restaurants for a professional appearance. Interior plantation shutters provide an aesthetically pleasing and functional solution to enhance any space in your Cypress home.

Is it worth getting plantation shutters?

Are Plantation Shutters Worth It? - TheDIYPlan

Not only do they battle the heat like no other product, but they also add value to your home at resale. In addition, plantation shutters are highly durable and easy to maintain. Plantation shutters might be the window treatment you never knew you needed!

What are the disadvantages of plantation shutters?


  1. Price Tag: The first drawback of plantation shutters is that they are available at a higher price point. …
  2. Ineffective for Tilt-in Windows: Plantation windows can be tricky to use if you have tilt-in windows. …
  3. Lead Times: The average lead time for standard shades and blinds is 2 to 3 weeks.

Are plantation shutters very expensive?

According to HomeGuide, the national average cost to get plantation shutters installed is $2,350 total. HomeGuide reports that wooden shutters, which are the most expensive (as well as the most durable and long-lasting) will cost you somewhere between $200 and $350.

Are shutters more expensive than blinds UK?

Are shutters more expensive than Venetian blinds? – Moonlite Blinds and Shutters

Generally speaking, wooden shutters are more expensive than most blinds, and shutter installation usually costs more too. Shutters are also pretty difficult to buy off the shelf. In order to get ones that perfectly fit, you’re much better off getting an expert in to measure up and fit them for you.

Are shutters still in style in 2023?

Shutters ARE still in style in 2023. If you’re thinking of updating your home and want to add some character, shutters might be the way to go.

Do plantation shutters break easily?

While plantation shutters are very hearty, they are not indestructible. You may experience a few different problems as the shutters become older. The hinges or latches can become loose or break, the louvers can loosen or snap, the magnets can break, or other problems that merit simple fixes.

When should you not use shutters?

We like Maria Killam’s advice, especially for DIY’ers and novices: “A good rule of thumb if you are considering adding (or trying to decide whether to keep) shutters: if your windows are wider than they are tall, they won’t look good with shutters.” If you’re asking why this matters, the answer makes perfect sense: if …

What is the best alternative to shutters?

Quick answer: Numerous alternatives to shutters offer the same level of privacy and light control. Popular options include Venetian blinds, vertical blinds, faux-wood blinds, Roman blinds, pleated honeycomb blinds, and roller blinds.

Do houses look better without shutters?

Just to sum it up, we are big fans of shutters when they are done right. But in all honesty, some homes look better without shutters, and a poor shutter choice can make a home look like an eye sore.

Can you open window with plantation shutters?

If your windows slide up and down or left to right, plantation shutters will not get in the way of this function. For windows that crank out or windows that tilt in, you can still open and operate your windows, but it is paramount that you select the correct mount for your shutters to avoid blocking these functions.

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